Ballydwan Rocks

Ballydwan Rocks

This is called Ballydwan Rocks. I was working on some pics for friends and took a peek at my landscape library. Its been a long time since I nosed through my shots and its been even longer since this site was updated, so when I found this I knew it was meant to be. My photography has been on hold since the arrival of my two year old son.  The last time I took the camera out was in 2015 in Ballydwan, Co. Waterford and this is the result.

Its busy scene and I remember mulling over it for a while, the light was changing and it was difficult to capture a shot. I crouched close to the ground and got a boot full of water for my trouble. Walking with a squelch back to the car, I thought I should work on this shot when I get home… that was two years ago 🙂

The beach itself is a great place to shoot, there’s parking and easy access also there is plenty of variety in a small space. The copper coast is a place I plan to visit this year if any photography enthusiasts are interested. Ballydwan to is one of the highlights of this coastline of which there are a many.

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Camera :: Canon 5D Mark 2
Lens :: Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM
Exposure :: 2.5 seconds
Aperture :: f/13
Focal Length :: 23mm
ISO :: 100

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